Pre-sale financial support

Ask me about my pre-sale financial support through the “Bank of Michael.”


Marketing Probate Properties

I believe the probate, conservatorship and trust client deserves the best that I can offer.


Property Preparation

Being an owner/builder has taught me how to apply creative solutions to remodeling problems, without breaking the bank!


My Passion For What I Do Transfers Into My Services

What is my role?

  • My role is to make sure you are taken care of.
  • To respond to all situations quickly and professionally.
  • I will provide exceptional marketing, organizational and negotiation skills.
  • My duty to my client is first, foremost and always.

The services I provide allow those in the capacity of administrator, conservator and attorney to focus on those issues and duties that require your special skills. I try to make you more efficient through planning and communication. Also, heading off potential conflicts with disgruntle heirs, meeting vendors at the property and making sure the property is secure are just some of the responsibilities I assume.

  1. I will be present at any and all court hearings the attorney, trustee, conservator and/or administrator feel is appropriate. On occasion, questions and issues regarding the purchase contract or other documents arise. The fully documented file I maintain for each transaction can be helpful.
  2. I will provide a “presale” preliminary title report to insure the vesting is correct. This also gives us an opportunity to clear any liens and clouds before they cause a problem.
  3. I will inspect the property, develop a list of suggested improvements and then coordinate subcontractors to present the property in the best possible way. I have a great group of contractors from mold abatement, hauling anfwindow glass repair, I will arrange for an interior designer to select paint colors, fixtures etc., if appropriate, at my expense.
  4. I will arrange and be present for all inspections, appraisals, tours and repairs.
  5. I will market the property effectively and professionally. My marketing outline and internet coverage is in the Marketing for Probates section.
  6. I will maintain the property as agreed. This applies to lawns, plants, windows etc. And includes securing the property from any unwanted entry if necessary.
  7. I will work with the probate referee to determine the value of the property. Having worked with many referees on unique properties, I have the experience to overcome difficult situations.
  8. I will continually update all interested parties during the marketing period. This includes keeping everyone informed of the status of Sunday open houses and agent showing activity as well as any feedback and changes in the market place.
  9. I will email a weekly update and a closing recap of all marketing efforts for your file.

I understand that while many transactions are similar, there can be unique elements that require special attention. I have experience with stressful and complicated as well as basic probates, trusts and conservatorships.

Let me bring my skills and “get it done” attitude to your next transaction. By keeping you informed every step of the way of all issues, potential issues, marketing efforts and changes in the marketplace, you are better able to concentrate on those priorities that require your unique skills.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with comments or questions.