There are a few ways to define the best selling season.

The best selling season could be when the most home buyers are out looking in the spring. Or, maybe it is when a person is getting a job transfer. Or, when a seller has to liquidate to cover business losses. Or, when the depreciation is at an end on an income property. The issues are different in each case.

A good case study is where a probate client had to sell to beat a bank to the foreclosure finish line. A good time to sell would be before the bank foreclosed. You would think that a bank would like to sell in a measured way. However, sometimes the clerks in the foreclosure departments get caught up in their own procedures and can’t see the forest for the trees. The solution used here was for the attorney for the estate to call the legal department for the lender. Now we had someone who had the authority to deal rationally. The bank asked for the purchase agreement and to be kept up to date on the sale. We closed on time and without out the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads or having to race to the foreclosure finish line.

On a side note, if we had had to speed up the closing date on this probate sale, we could have asked the beneficiaries to waive their statutory 15 days to object to the notice of proposed action. Thereby cutting 15 days off of the timeline. Please consult your attorney for more information on this option.